Authored by Kem Bung

On Gemini, how can you buy Dogecoin?

Gemini, as we all know, maybe a renowned crypto exchange platform that allows you to trade with major cryptocurrencies that are available within the marketplace. When Gemini came into existence, it allow you to trade only with some major coins like Bitcoin and Ether. However, with the passage of your time, Gemini login has welcomed different digital coins on its platform. One such crypto that's gaining tons of hype in recent times is Dogecoin.

When Dogecoin came into the marketplace, nobody believed that it might be viewed as a fiat currency and its value would also hike. Unlike users’ expectations, the crypto that was just a meme material for the people is now gaining tons of buyers since Elon Musk made some major announcements regarding the longer term of DOGE.

So, if you're also curious about investing in Dogecoin, then you'll need to have an account on one of the crypto exchanges and once you have Gemini by your side, you are doing not got to look any longer.

Here is how you'll buy Dogecoin on Gemini

Now that the market cap of Dogecoin is quite $25 billion, several investors are inclined towards buying it but don't skills to try to do so. Such users can ask the steps that I even have listed below:

Step 1- Select an exchange e.g. Gemini After selecting your preferred exchange platform i.e. Gemini, you would like to line up an account on this platform. Once you've got your Gemini login credentials with you, attend the subsequent step.

Step 2- Add a payment method Upon the successful creation of your Gemini account, you would like to link a payment method thereto so that you'll complete the acquisition with no hassle and transfer the purchased crypto to a preferred wallet like electrum wallet.

Step 3- Choose a crypto storage wallet After opening an account on the well-liked crypto exchange, you'll need to select a wallet for storing the crypto that you simply will purchase in the future. E.g. you'll choose Coinbase wallet, Trezor wallet, Electrum wallet, etc.

Step 4- Place an order Now, attend the official portal of Gemini and log in together with your Gemini login credentials and attend the buying tab from where you would like to pick the well-liked crypto which here is DOGE.

Step 5- Evaluate the worth and fee Now, select the quantity that you would like to get DOGE and place the order.


After you've got purchased your preferred crypto, you'll start trading with it. After buying DOGE, you would like to transfer it to your electrum wallet so that trading with it becomes more convenient. From the wallet, you'll withdraw the coins, sell them, or transfer them. Just confirm that you simply don't lose the private key of your wallet because losing it might cost you tons and it might be very difficult to recover your wallet or the Gemini login account.

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