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The best logic games for Android

Puzzles are one of the most popular genres among Android games. Do you want to strain your brains and challenge the developers of such applications? So our today's TOP is just for you! So, we present to your attention the TOP-10 best logic games for Android, each of which has its own flavor.

Easy game

Translated, it is an easy game, which is far from easy. With the help of logic tasks you can test your IQ: solve riddles, puzzles, train your intellect, think outside the box - and then you will definitely become a champion! The application contains many tricky tests, the answers to which are not as simple as it seems at first glance. Easy Game is distributed free of charge, but unfortunately, after each puzzle, non-skippable ads are included.



There are several categories of riddles in this app: deduction puzzles, tricky questions, and physics and math problems. But special knowledge is not required for the game - only the well-known facts. At the first level, the player has 9 tasks available - in order to advance further, it is necessary to solve at least 7 of them. For each puzzle solved, points are awarded, the more there are, the greater the chance to set a record. Achievement system is also implemented, there is a built-in notebook for thoughts and no hints. And, of course, the paid version with a lot of puzzles and no ads.

Logic Master

Interesting, creative and a bit strange game. The problems in it are unusual and difficult, for the solution of which you will need to think outside the box. The app has fun music, fun sound effects, player ratings, achievement system, and hand-drawn graphics. The game also has a second part, which has three difficulty levels and even crazier questions. Both apps are free, but there are ads.


As an ardent Sudoku online fan, I've been looking for a really handy app for a long time that allows you to click the number puzzle with maximum comfort. My search ended when I (quite by accident) discovered the free Sudoku easy in the Android Market. In my opinion, this is the best Sudoku program ever created by mankind. Automatic color highlighting of numbers, pencil, unlimited undo, several types of prompts, automatic filling of possible candidates - this is just an incomplete list of functions of this excellent application. The game is available in paid and free versions, the free one allows you to solve one puzzle per day for each difficulty level.

Brain Test

The so-called "brainstorming" with numerous tricky puzzles. While playing, you can relax, have a good laugh and test your ingenuity. The application is free and suitable for any age: you can play with family and friends, competing in passing levels. You can skip especially tricky tasks or use hints - they are given for advertising.

Match puzzle

There are many applications for Android with this name, but we will talk about the most popular - from the developer "Bojan Klabjan". This game is a classic match puzzle where you move, add or remove matches until you find a solution. The app contains over a hundred puzzles with different sizes and shapes. There is HD graphics of high definition, Russian localization and support for outdated phones.

Trick me

This game will allow you not only to have fun, but also to test your IQ. How quickly will you cope with the task at hand? Solve riddles, compete with friends or other players, notice the details in each puzzle - in general, have fun! More than 200 levels are waiting for you in the application. But there are also small drawbacks - not quite a high-quality translation into Russian and advertising after solving each problem.

100 Doors

A game from the Russian developer Protey Apps, genre - room escape. On each floor, you need to solve a difficult puzzle in order to advance further. The app contains beautiful animations, gorgeous 3D graphics, and, despite the name, more than 100 doors. On levels, you can move around the room, look for hidden objects and combine those already found. Use your wits to the maximum to open all doors!

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