Authored by Muhammad Tayyab

Bedroom Makeover Tips on a Budget

We spend most of our time in our bedrooms. It is a must to have a bedroom where you can relax after a tiring day. Sometimes, we also need to redecorate our room for refreshing our moods and relieving our stress. Let’s be honest, that can be costly. So, we researched and here are some makeover tips for your bedroom to give it a fresh look.


Add a bar cart

If you own a number of things, bar carts might help you arrange your things in an efficient way. Usually, they should be filled with things that are used frequently. They can be placed on the side of your bed where you can have everything at an arm’s reach. Keeping a side-lamp and an alarm clock is another best use of bar carts. Bar carts not only help you declutter but also look great.


Old furniture, new look

Instead of replacing furniture, new hardware such as brass handles, etc. can be used in the same old furniture. If you have furniture pieces like drawers and closets, you can replace their old handles with new handles to match the color scheme of your bed set or room. They can add style to your furniture without spending too much.  


New look with wallpaper

Wallpaper is an easy way to give your bedroom a new look. Instead of painting your room from scratch, you can cover the walls with wallpaper. As you look for a Residential Plots for Rent in Islamabad, make sure to check that wall does not have mildew or else, it will be tough for you to scrap the paint and cement and redo the wall. But if there is mildew, you can use wallpapers to hide it. Nowadays, wallpaper comes in different types with multiple designs. One has an option to replace the old wallpaper with new ones without spending too much money when he gets bored with the look of his bedroom.

Some decorations

Store owners and interior designers will tell you that everything has to match but lately it has been a myth. Everything in the same color would lend a lifeless character to your home and it would like a showroom rather than a personal space. Therefore, it is essential that you go for contrasting colors. For example, in your bedroom, if all the furniture is of neutral colors and the wallpapers are also light, you can install a popping bean bag of red color in a corner to hype up the ambiance. 


Place a headboard

One of them is to organize open houses where a large number of potential tenants can be invited to visit the house and make their mind up for the deal. Another way to organize convenient house showing sessions is by putting a time range for visiting the house. In this way, the people who want to visit will come along on that allotted time and the inconvenience caused by time can be minimized.



Insufficient budget for redecorating your room? No problem, we got it covered! Instead of buying new furniture or spending on the transformation of the room, simply rearrange the old furniture. Organize your furniture in a way that makes your room look spacious and remove the extra furniture. This is very important if you are looking for Shop for rent in Islamabad.


Throw in a rug

Always keep a reed diffuser or a central fragrance in the midst of your living space as it will freshen up things and keep your moods bright and perky. You can also opt for wind chimes on those doors that are frequently visited so that vibrancy and light melodies can be maintained. 



Most bedrooms have windows that open outwards. They can be given a new look just by adding curtains to them. Curtains are a low-cost solution to add charm to your room and they provide flow to the room and the sense of airiness without being too costly.


You can easily redecorate your bedroom using the above-mentioned tips. A new look for your bedroom will have a great impact on your mood and lifestyle. If you are looking for the sale or purchase of any kind of property in twin cities, we must advise you to visit ‘Gharbaar’ website. You will find every up to date information related to the real estate industry on the website. 

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